The Oil and Gas Industry Forum (OGIF), which has met eighteen times, typically uses a panel-discussion format, and facilitates an open dialogue focusing on technology, market development, and government role. The page on Previous Forums provides a link to the agendas and presentations for each of the previous events. The forum has rotated between the United States and China, the first being held in Beijing in 1998 and the most recent in Houston, TX, USA during September 18-20, 2018.

The agendas for past forums show a trend of a broad and evolving range of topics, and rotating event venues have facilitated tours of energy infrastructure sites in each country prior to or post-event.

In the recent past, the focus has included the outlook and trends for natural gas in China, including the development of an LNG industry; global energy market competition; new and unconventional oil and gas production; increasing oil recovery; shale gas; new technologies for producing and efficiently utilizing natural gas; coal bed methane; gas utilization; and deep water development.

The OGIF is a cooperative bilateral effort that explores solutions to existing challenges and promotes commercial oil and gas opportunities. The Forum contributes to gas policy development and provides a platform for commercial policy dialogue. Details about each FORUM can be accessed under the "Forums" link.



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